Seaspray Ponderosa GLX Pool - Shannon's Hot Spring Spas

Seaspray Ponderosa GLX Pool

Shannons Hot Spring Ponderosa pools.

Create your own backyard escape with the addition of the Seaspray Ponderosa GLX model.

The pool combines sturdy construction and attractive wall design, creating an inviting aquatic respite for friends and family.

With plenty of room for a large pool party or an intimate evening soak for two, the Ponderosa was designed to fulfill all your pool needs.

Benefits Include:

  • Sturdy 6-inch top rail
  • Wider top rail increases pool stability
  • Rigid cross-steel top rail
  • Exclusive design for superior structural strength
  • High-impact, super-structural strength
  • Shorter span between uprights
  • Reduced pressure on structure, creates stronger pool
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized steel
  • Bonded and coated for greatest strength
  • Distinctive “Granada LX” design
  • Resin Top Cap
  • More Uprights
  • High-quality Steel Coatings
  • Designer Pool Wall
  • Perfectly complements any backyard decor
Shape Size Capacity
Round 15′ x 52″ 5,700 gallons
Round 18′ x 52″ 8,200 gallons
Round 24′ x 52″ 14,500 gallons
Round 27′ x 52″ 16,420 gallons
Oval 15′ x 30′ x 52″ 14,600 gallons
Oval 18′ x 33″ x 52″ 19,300 gallons