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Plastimayd Pool Liners

For over 60 years, Plastimayd has been perfecting the art of precision crafted liners for pool owners with discerning taste and style.

Light Series

Let the serenity of our Light Series calm your soul. Imagine a piece of the Caribbean right in your own backyard. This series of liner patterns will give you a subtle and soothing color palette inspired by the light blue water of the islands.Plastimayd | Light Series Thumbnails


Rich Series

Go with the flow and indulge yourself with the Rich Series. Envision waking up to a shimmering seaside elegance of your own. This series of liner patterns will awaken your senses with color and textures reminiscent of oceanfront luxury.Plastimayd | Rich Series Thumbnails


Deep Series

Allow yourself to be mesmerized by our Deep Series. Picture a serene oasis just steps away from your back door. This series of liner patterns are influenced by the striking beauty of a lakeside retreat – satisfying the most discerning of tastes.Plastimayd | Deep Series Thumbnails