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Maxx Strip

Give your pool tile a face-lift!

Shannons Maxx Strip

Maxx Strip LogoWe can remove years of calcium, scum, and chemical buildup in hours. Gentle on any tile, stone, or pool surface, results are amazing.

MaxxClean safely cleans calcium from pool tile and fountains with no sand or glass beads, safe on tiles and the environment with no abrasive acids.

The MaxxClean system utilizes a standard 3500 psi pressure washer with an environmentally-friendly soft abrasive mineral blasting media that gently removes calcium, mold, mildew and hard water deposits from the tiles, walls and deck of a pool.

The abrasive is aggressive enough to remove the toughest deposits, but gentle enough to not damage the grout or scratch the tile glaze.


MaxxClean is ideal for removal of:

  • Hard water deposits
  • Mold and mildew
  • Sun damage from tiles
  • Oil and scum build-up
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